Gosnell City Hall
Mayor Don
Alvque Henderson
Office Manager/District Court Clerk
Latoria Gipson
Human Resources/Payroll Clerk
Kathy Hogan
City Clerk-Treasurer, Admin
Gosnell Cotton Picking Festival
The town is known for its annual Cotton Pickin’ Festival and Tractor Pull. In the 1940s and 1950s,
Blytheville had held the National Cotton Picking Contest. This festival lasted two days and featured a
parade and a beauty pageant. Professional cotton pickers from around the country competed for cash
prizes. Blytheville discontinued the festival in the 1960s because new technology made it unnecessary to
pick cotton by hand. In 1991, Gosnell resurrected the festival to show a new generation what it was like to
pick cotton by hand and to allow old-timers to show their proficiency.
Gosnell Post Office
The Gosnell US Post Office has now moved to the Gosnell City Hall